Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reserved Capacity

Students across campus are having problems with classes appearing open but not meeting the reserved capacity requirements and being put on the wait list after enrollment. 

It is important to remember that:
  • Reserved capacities are placed on classes by departments who have controll of the class
  • Reserved capacity is a specific number of seats reserved for a certain major, year level, minor, concentration, etc. 
  • Reserved capacities are removed at different times based on the department settings
  • Some classes have multiple groups of students seats are reserved for
  • Check reserved capacities before enrolling in a class
    • The way to see this is:
      • Go to the Class Search

      • Select the Section of the class

      • Check the reserved capacity

**If you do not check reserved capacity before enrolling you may be surprised you are on the wait list after you enroll. Talk to your advisor or the department that is holding the class.   

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