Thursday, October 11, 2012

Final Fall Quarter Finals

I know, its the topic we all love to hate.  FINALS.
But this year finals are a little different because it is the final fall quarter for RIT.  As we transition to semesters next year, we will have two semester: winter and spring.

But for now we are still on quarters and students are still learning the system and where information is in the system.

So how do you find your finals schedule in Student Center?

1. Log into your Student Center.

2. Click on Enroll.

3. Click on the tab that stays term information

4. Click on the link that say "View my Exam Schedule"

5. You can see this in list form or click on the Weekly Calendar View link to see it in calendar form. 

It is important to note, you can not see your final exam schedule in the weekly calendar view on the main page. And in the final exam weekly calendar view, students will have to type in the week students want to see or scroll to the Finals Week on the calendar. 

In order to see the class title on the calendar view, students need to select the box "Show Class Title" and refresh the calendar.

Finals are fast approaching, make sure you know exactly when your exams are.
Good Luck!

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  1. cannot switch from winter quarter to fall quarter. it is currently the weekend between week 8 and 9 and I cannot view the exam schedule because it will only let me see the one that has not been created yet for the winter quarter.