Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are Holds Weighing you Down?

Have you seen a hold on your account recently? Do you not know what it means?

Rest assured there are three kinds of holds that are appearing on student accounts recently:

  1. Financial Hold
    • This type of hold needs to be resolved with financial services.
    • It could mean:
      • You have an unpaid bill.
      • There could have been a mistake and it needs to be clarified.
      • Or another reason.
  2. Advising Hold
    • This is a Semester Conversion I.A.P. Hold 
    • Your advisor will be contacting you regarding a meeting to discuss the upcoming semester conversion and how you will stay on track with the new courses and requirements in order to graduate on time.
    • For more information regardign the conversion visit:
    • This hold will not prohibit a student from enrolling in classes for the winter and spring; however, the student needs to meet with their advisor and sign-off on their I.A.P. (Individual Advisement Plan) before they will be allowed to enroll in classes for the Winter Semester. 
  3. Academic Advising Hold
    • All first years students at RIT are required to meet with their academic department to discuss their upcoming enrollment for winter.
    • This hold will only be removed after a student meets with their advisor.
    • My recommendation would be to contact your advisor now to schedule this appointment before enrollment begins. 
      • Advisors get extremely busy during enrollment periods and may not have time for a walk-in appointment.
Students should begin resolving their holds now as they can effect enrollment for winter quarter. 

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