Friday, April 27, 2012

How do you Swap a Class in the new SIS?

If you would like to swap a class, do as follows:

1. Go to the 'Enroll' tab, then click 'Swap'
2. Choose the class that you are currently in that you would like to swap in the first field. 
3. In the second field, choose the one you would prefer to be in if you can successfully enroll. 

The second choice class can come from the class search, your planner, your shopping cart, or you can enter the 5 digit course code and then click ‘Select.’ The image above shows a swap that is set to swap from the shopping cart, so you would click the highlighted select. If you were to use the other options, you would hit the appropriate select.

Please note, you cannot use swap with a class you are currently on the wait list for. If you are spot 1 and a spot opens, if the class will put you over credits, you have a time conflict, or you are already in another section of the course, it will skip over you on the wait list. If you get put on the wait list, and know you would like to set up a swap, drop the class right away, enroll in your placeholder class, and set up the swap as shown above.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now That the New SIS is Live: Part Four

Even though you have placed classes in your shopping cart, that does not mean that you are enrolled. At this time, there is no auto-enroll functionality in the new SIS. As soon as your enrollment appointment opens, you can begin enrolling straight from your shopping cart! Shortly before your appointment opens, we suggest you re-validate your cart and check to see if classes have filled up in the time since you have set up your shopping cart!

Log into Student Center, through the infocenter homepage, the same way you have to prepare. Click 'enrollment shopping cart' on your page.

This will take you to your shopping cart, from here you can select which courses you want, and click 'enroll.'
You can see the above cart has all open classes, but be sure to check the status to see if that is the case for your individual shopping cart. A green circle means open, a yellow triangle means you will have to wait list, and a blue square means that the class and wait list are full. See the cart below for an example of a class that has a wait list status:

Make sure to keep clicking through to finish enrolling in the courses:
Then, be sure to read the messages you receive.

If you have successfully enrolled, you will receieve this message:

If you have been placed on the wait list, you will receive the following message, which includes your wait list

If the class has filled, is restricted to a group you are not a part of, has reserved capacity for a group you are not part of, or if there is any other reason you cannot enroll, you will receive a red x and a description of why you cannot enroll:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments section!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Now that the new SIS is Live: Part Three

Now that you have started to fill your shopping cart, learned to navigate the new search, and other student center features, we want to remind you to do a few things.  

First, check to make sure you meet the requirements for the classes you wish to take. You can do this with the new validate feature. Select all the classes that you wish to take during the quarter and hit the validate button located next to the enroll button:  

The validate feature will let you know if you meet the requirements to take all of the courses you have selected. Unlike the old SIS, this system is clear with WHY. It lets you know if you are going to be taking to many credits, if you are not the correct year level, if there is a time conflict in your schedule, or if you are attempting to enroll in multiple sections of the course. There could be other reasons as well, these are among the most common.

Next, you may want to email or go in and see your advisor. In the new system they have the option to look at the classes that are in your shopping cart; however, they can not alter your cart. This can be helpful if you are weighing a few schedules and are not sure of which classes to take for that particular quarter.

We are also encouraging students to select the wait list. If you by chance forget to select the wait list option prior to putting it in your shopping cart, you can click the blue class number:

After clicking on the link you will be returned to the second step of putting classes in you shopping cart:

From this page you can check the wait list box and hit next.

The final step you should do before you officially enroll is to check back on the status of your classes. If you have an early morning appointment, check the night before your enrollment time.  If you have an afternoon appointment or have a late morning time, you will want to check earlier in the day to make sure you will have no problems at your enrollment time; whether classes have filled up, and you have to use your back-ups in your cart, or you know that you will be wait listed for a few classes. You can see the status of your classes here:

Stay tuned for Now that the new SIS is Live: Part four