Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reserved Capacity

Students across campus are having problems with classes appearing open but not meeting the reserved capacity requirements and being put on the wait list after enrollment. 

It is important to remember that:
  • Reserved capacities are placed on classes by departments who have controll of the class
  • Reserved capacity is a specific number of seats reserved for a certain major, year level, minor, concentration, etc. 
  • Reserved capacities are removed at different times based on the department settings
  • Some classes have multiple groups of students seats are reserved for
  • Check reserved capacities before enrolling in a class
    • The way to see this is:
      • Go to the Class Search

      • Select the Section of the class

      • Check the reserved capacity

**If you do not check reserved capacity before enrolling you may be surprised you are on the wait list after you enroll. Talk to your advisor or the department that is holding the class.   

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Statements and Financial Holds

Listen up....it is time to talk about  the subject that is one of the least favorable. No matter what you refer to it as, whether you call it tuition payment, billing, financial statements, or something else, there are a few things you need to know about the Final Fall Statements.

***This type of hold will not allow you to enroll in classes for winter until it is removed. If you do get a financial hold on your account just before enrollment, resolve it as soon as you can.***

This was taken directly from financial services:

"The final Fall Billing Statements are now available and can be accessed at http://www.rit.edu/eservices/Due date for this statement is October 20, 2012.  Winter Quarter enrollment begins October 22nd. Unpaid balances will have an enrollment hold after due date.
If financial aid has not paid to your account, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to complete required documents.  This aid will need to be paid before October 20th to clear your account for Winter enrollment."

It is important to understand that student financial holds will not be placed on accounts for this statement until the bills are overdue.  In other words, enrollment begins on the 22nd, these holds will not be placed on accounts until right before. 

So what do you need to do as a student:

1. Communicate with your bill payer that it is crucial your bill is paid on time.
2. If you do have a hold put on your account from student financial services you will need to resolve it through eServices or contact their department.

Student Financial Services is located on USC 1st Floor.  Student can email them at asksfs@rit.edu or call them at 585-475-6186. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Final Fall Quarter Finals

I know, its the topic we all love to hate.  FINALS.
But this year finals are a little different because it is the final fall quarter for RIT.  As we transition to semesters next year, we will have two semester: winter and spring.

But for now we are still on quarters and students are still learning the system and where information is in the system.

So how do you find your finals schedule in Student Center?

1. Log into your Student Center.

2. Click on Enroll.

3. Click on the tab that stays term information

4. Click on the link that say "View my Exam Schedule"

5. You can see this in list form or click on the Weekly Calendar View link to see it in calendar form. 

It is important to note, you can not see your final exam schedule in the weekly calendar view on the main page. And in the final exam weekly calendar view, students will have to type in the week students want to see or scroll to the Finals Week on the calendar. 

In order to see the class title on the calendar view, students need to select the box "Show Class Title" and refresh the calendar.

Finals are fast approaching, make sure you know exactly when your exams are.
Good Luck!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Enrollment Dates - Winter Quarter

This schedule can also be seen on rit.edu/enrollment: 

Winter 2012-13 Enrollment Dates

Below are the enrollment dates by group. Within each group, students will be parsed by year level, then randomly placed in groups of about 300. To find these specific appointment times students should click on the details link under Enrollment Dates.  You can begin enrolling at any time after your assigned appointment.
Monday, October 22
Graduate students
Early 5th-year students*
Early 4th-year students* in a 4-year program
Tuesday, October 23
5th-year students
4th-year students in a 4-year program
Early 4th-year students* in a 5-year program
Wednesday, October 24
4th-year students in a 5-year program
Early 3rd-year students*

Thursday, October 25
3rd-year students
Early 2nd-year students*

Friday, October 26
2nd-year students
Early 1st-year students*

Monday, October 29
1st-year students

Tuesday, October 30
Non-degree and all other students

* Early enrollment appointments include the following groups: Students in the Honors Program, Cross-registered Students, and Varsity Athletes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are Holds Weighing you Down?

Have you seen a hold on your account recently? Do you not know what it means?

Rest assured there are three kinds of holds that are appearing on student accounts recently:

  1. Financial Hold
    • This type of hold needs to be resolved with financial services.
    • It could mean:
      • You have an unpaid bill.
      • There could have been a mistake and it needs to be clarified.
      • Or another reason.
  2. Advising Hold
    • This is a Semester Conversion I.A.P. Hold 
    • Your advisor will be contacting you regarding a meeting to discuss the upcoming semester conversion and how you will stay on track with the new courses and requirements in order to graduate on time.
    • For more information regardign the conversion visit:
    • This hold will not prohibit a student from enrolling in classes for the winter and spring; however, the student needs to meet with their advisor and sign-off on their I.A.P. (Individual Advisement Plan) before they will be allowed to enroll in classes for the Winter Semester. 
  3. Academic Advising Hold
    • All first years students at RIT are required to meet with their academic department to discuss their upcoming enrollment for winter.
    • This hold will only be removed after a student meets with their advisor.
    • My recommendation would be to contact your advisor now to schedule this appointment before enrollment begins. 
      • Advisors get extremely busy during enrollment periods and may not have time for a walk-in appointment.
Students should begin resolving their holds now as they can effect enrollment for winter quarter. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Did you Know: Winter Enrollment

There are a few big things to remember for Winter Enrollment this year. 

As students begin searching for classes in Student Center, students will need to change the search term to 2012-13 Winter Quarter.  To do this student will click on search (as shown below). 

 Then select the drop down term menu which currently defaults to 2012-13 Fall Quarter.

 After selecting the drop down, students should select the next term on the list for Winter Quarter, it will read as 2012-13 Winter Quarter (see below).

By selecting this term, students will be searching for classes in the upcoming quarter that they wish to put into their shopping carts. If students search under the Fall Quarter option, all classes students are currently taking will be visible.  

We understand this can be a time consuming to students and a hassle (having to change this every time) and the enrollment team will look to improve this in the future.

Another thing that students need to remember is...until semester conversion for Fall 2012 the search by subject name will not be active.

For example, after selecting "select subject" (as shown above) if you wanted to search for an Accounting class, you would not select A until semester conversion.  Selecting A will give you a yellow triangle message that states, "there are no course subjects for this selection" (shown below). 
Instead you would need to know the course number, in this case for accounting the 4 digit code is 0101.  If you did not know this you could search through the numbers in order to find a specific subject or you could contact your advisor.  

Students, for the remainder of this year will need to search by course number.  These numbers can be found on student's college program sheets, at their student service desks, or provided by their advisors.  

When RIT converts to semesters, the class search will be easier for student's to navigate as they will search by the alpha line but for now we recommend contacting your advisor or using your college's service desk or website to find your program sheets.