Monday, July 30, 2012

New eServices: Granting Third Party Access

Amongst the many changes happening at RIT, another change has been implemented just this week.  Old eServices has been done away with and the new student financial portal has been launched (

If you are a returning student reading this you will remember granting your parents access to your student financial account when you were a freshman, probably before you even stepped foot on campus for orientation.  If you are a freshman, you have never gone through the process, so you will be signing your parents up for the first time.  Either way it is crucial that you follow the next few steps:

1. Students will need to send a request to their parents or 3rd party members or sponsors to grant them 3rd party access.  Student can do this by logging into eServices with their student account.

2. Next click on the add/delete access tab under the Navigation header (see image below).

3. Click "Add an account" and follow the directions.  Once students see the confirmation page, students will know a confirmation email has been sent to the 3rd party.

4. From the confirmation email, parents will be taken to a secure information page which they will be asked to fill out.

Note: Unlike the old eservices where parents needed to remember their email and password, parents will now have an RIT account and password.  It will not necessarily function as a typical RIT student account but parents will log into the account using this user name, not their email.

5.  When the form is complete and the 3rd party has agreed to the "Terms and Conditions", they will set up their computer account.  This account will be used to log into eServices in the future.

6. There is a Part 2 to the process which includes verifying that the 3rd party member knows the student.  This must be done through the 2nd link in the original email.  If the email has been lost or deleted, students can resend the email through the "Add/Delete Access" page and select edit and then hit the envelope.

7. After 3rd Parties have clicked on the second link, they will be asked to confirm the students date of birth and University ID number. 

8.  After this has been completed, 3rd Party members will have access to the new eServices and their student's financial information.  It is important to note 3rd party members can change their password the same way students can, by going to  From here they can change both their alternative email and password.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How do I find my schedule?

Students who need to find their schedule for the first time, may be confused when logging in.  There are two easy ways you can access your schedule.

The first way is through the student center main page.  From there you will click on Weekly Schedule, you will need to hit next week to get to your desired week: 

The system defaults show students the class number but not the class name.  To view the class name scroll down and check the box and refresh the calendar (as shown below).  You should then be able to see the class names.  These settings will return to the defaults each time you exit the page

The second way you can see your schedule (in non-picture form) is by clicking on the Enroll button under Academics:

From here you can click on my class schedule, this will show you a list of the classes you are enrolled in or waiting to be placed into:

Hope that was helpful!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Changing the Course Search Term

We have received a lot of questions regarding how to search for Winter Classes in the new system.  They have been available for students to view for about 2 months now.  To change the Search Term click on the search page under the academics tab.  From the search page select the Term drop down menu and select the term you wish to search:

Available to students now are the Fall and Winter schedules. 

A few things to remember:
  • When schedules are made available months in advance not all classes that will be offered for that term will be in the system because each college is responsible for creating their own schedules.
  • Not all classes will have rooms assigned or professors either.
    • This will be on a department by department basis.
  • Contact your department if you think a class should be offered and you do not see it or have questions regarding classes.  
  • In the future there will be a feature that is similar to the old tiger tracks, except it works for all majors and is fully integrated into the system.  This will allow students to plan out their time at RIT.  This will be fully implemented during the 2012-13 academic year.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Time to Buy Textbooks

Now that enrollment is over and it is getting close to the start of the new term it is time to begin buying textbooks.  The new system has a link just as the old system did to Barnes and Noble (our campus book store).  Here you can buy your textbooks or just find the ISBN number to compare prices from other sites.

Here is a step by step guide to finding your textbooks from Student Center:

Step 1: Log into Student Center.  You will access your main student center page.

Step 2: From Student Center, click the Enroll tab under Academics. 

Step 3: Under the Enroll tab, click the my class schedule tab.

Step 4: Click the Buy My Books from Barnes and Noble button.

Step 5: You will be redirected from Student Center to the Barnes and Noble page and may see this security warning message:
Click Continue

 Step 6: You are now on the R.I.T. Barnes and Noble campus store page with your personalized book list.  From here you can order your textbooks, see what classes require textbooks, or pull the ISBN number and take it to another store or website to compare prices.  Most books that are R.I.T. specific additions can only be purchased at the RIT bookstore.  However, if you ask or email your professor the difference between the non-RIT edition and the RIT edition they may tell you that you can purchase either one (RIT editions run more expensive). 

If you receive the following message:

This is not a system error.  It just means that the professor for the given class has not submitted the required textbook for that particular term yet or there may not be a required textbook and the professor has not stated that to Barnes and Noble.  You can contact your professor and ask about the textbook if you choose or you can wait to find out when it is submitted.  You will not receive a notification telling you that all your textbooks are up on the server.  If you wish to order used textbooks from Barnes and Noble it is a good idea to order them as early as possible.