Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How do I find my schedule?

Students who need to find their schedule for the first time, may be confused when logging in.  There are two easy ways you can access your schedule.

The first way is through the student center main page.  From there you will click on Weekly Schedule, you will need to hit next week to get to your desired week: 

The system defaults show students the class number but not the class name.  To view the class name scroll down and check the box and refresh the calendar (as shown below).  You should then be able to see the class names.  These settings will return to the defaults each time you exit the page

The second way you can see your schedule (in non-picture form) is by clicking on the Enroll button under Academics:

From here you can click on my class schedule, this will show you a list of the classes you are enrolled in or waiting to be placed into:

Hope that was helpful!


  1. I have an issue trying to find this "Student Center Main Page." - how are you supposed to get to that?

  2. To find the student center main page, right now (it is subject to change), you go to, and click on the Fall 2012 Enrollment Link. From there you log-in with your RIT username and password and should be taken directly into student center.