Friday, July 13, 2012

Time to Buy Textbooks

Now that enrollment is over and it is getting close to the start of the new term it is time to begin buying textbooks.  The new system has a link just as the old system did to Barnes and Noble (our campus book store).  Here you can buy your textbooks or just find the ISBN number to compare prices from other sites.

Here is a step by step guide to finding your textbooks from Student Center:

Step 1: Log into Student Center.  You will access your main student center page.

Step 2: From Student Center, click the Enroll tab under Academics. 

Step 3: Under the Enroll tab, click the my class schedule tab.

Step 4: Click the Buy My Books from Barnes and Noble button.

Step 5: You will be redirected from Student Center to the Barnes and Noble page and may see this security warning message:
Click Continue

 Step 6: You are now on the R.I.T. Barnes and Noble campus store page with your personalized book list.  From here you can order your textbooks, see what classes require textbooks, or pull the ISBN number and take it to another store or website to compare prices.  Most books that are R.I.T. specific additions can only be purchased at the RIT bookstore.  However, if you ask or email your professor the difference between the non-RIT edition and the RIT edition they may tell you that you can purchase either one (RIT editions run more expensive). 

If you receive the following message:

This is not a system error.  It just means that the professor for the given class has not submitted the required textbook for that particular term yet or there may not be a required textbook and the professor has not stated that to Barnes and Noble.  You can contact your professor and ask about the textbook if you choose or you can wait to find out when it is submitted.  You will not receive a notification telling you that all your textbooks are up on the server.  If you wish to order used textbooks from Barnes and Noble it is a good idea to order them as early as possible.


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