Thursday, May 17, 2012

Direct Deposit: HSBC

Do you have a bank account from HSBC? Have you set up direct deposit with your job, especially at RIT?

HSBC banks in New York and Connecticut are moving various major accounts to First Niagara Bank in the month of May.  For anyone who has set up a direct deposit from RIT (or any other job) to an HSBC account, your routing number is changing and you need to take a few extra steps to ensure there is no interruption in your automatic access to your paycheck.  It is important to note that your bank account number is not changing, just your routing number. 

Taken directly from RIT Message Center:

The RIT payroll department needs your help to insure there is no interruption to your direct deposit.

If you have received specific information from HSBC that your account is changing to First Niagara Bank, please take the following steps:

Submit the RIT Payroll Direct Deposit Form:
to the Payroll office with the following information filled in:

Name; employee ID OR UID #; phone OR email contact; indicate how paid (BW or SM); place check mark in ‘Change Account’; in ‘Bank Name’ field write HSBC to First Niagara; in ‘Transit Number’ indicate the number on the form received by the bank; indicate ‘Account Type’.

Be Sure to SIGN and Date the form at the bottom.

Submit by:       ASAP because it takes time to process in the system
Submit To:      Payroll Department; EAS-1160

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