Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Everything in ONE Place

Unlike the old SIS, the new system has everything you may need to see (with the exception of Access Services and MyCourses), in one consolidated system.  The system allows you to enroll in your classes, plan out your time at RIT, request documents, apply for graduation, check your GPA, see your class schedule, and coming during the 2012-13 academic year, a degree audit system that will work for all majors throughout RIT will be integrated.

Where do I find my academic information?

When students enter Student Center, they simply need to click on My Academics, which is located under Academics below Search, Plan, Enroll.  If you are already in either Search, Plan, or Enroll you can click on the My Academics tab from that screen.

Unofficial Transcript
Students now have access to a formal unofficial transcript within minutes (depending on the download speed of your computer).

From the My Academics page, students can select View my unofficial transcript.  From here, students can also request an official transcript from their academic department or advisor.  The unofficial transcript will be a downloadable document that students can use for their own personal purposes but it is important to remember this is an UNofficial transcript.

Past Course Information

Under the My Academics tab students can also view all the courses they have taken and view transfer credits.

Apply for Graduation

Students also have the ability to apply for graduation with in this system.  This can be done when a student is within four quarters of graduation.  Students can also check the status of their graduation application.

Enrollment Verification

For the purposes of taxes and financial aid requests outside of RIT, you can request your enrollment verification within this system.  This link is located under the Transcript heading in My Academics.

My Program

In this system students have what is known as a career (undergraduate or graduate), a program (your college), and your declared major and minor (if you have declared one).  Students can have multiple program plans if they are a part of multiple colleges and/or majors. You can see this on the side of the My Academics page.


Within the My Academics tab there is a link to your advisors.  You can send a direct message to him or her by clicking on the View my advisors link.  This will take you to a page that allows you to select one or multiple advisors to notify and directly message within the system.  If they respond, the email will go to the student's RIT email address listed in the system.  The message center will also copy your RIT email address into the conversation, if you choose.

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