Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wait Lists FAQ's

How does the wait list work?
When you are adding a course to your shopping cart, check the 'Wait list if class is full' if you would like to add a course to the wait list. When you enroll, read the message to see if you have been placed on the wait list, and to see what your position number is. If a spot becomes available in the class, the system will automatically enroll the first positions from the wait list into the class.

How can I check my position number?
When you view 'My Class Schedule' your status will say 'Waiting' if you are on the wait list. You can find what position you are right next to that, under 'Wait list Position.'

Where can I find how many people are on the wait list?
Use the class search to find the specific class, click the blue class link for more class information. Under 'Course Availability' you will find the wait list capacity, as well as the wait list total.

Why can't I wait list a specific class?
Not all classes have wait lists. If an academic department has decided not to utilize wait lists, the wait list capacity in the course description will say '0.'

How will I know if I get in?
At this time, you will have to check your student account periodically to see if you get into a class.

Can I set up a swap with a class I am wait listed for?
Unfortunately you cannot set up a swap with a class you are currently enrolled on the wait list for. How you choose to deal with enrolling in different sections or possibly losing a few spots on the wait list to set up a swap, is up to every student individually.

I'm spot #_, what are my chances of getting in?
There is no definite answer for knowing whether or not you will get in. The higher the spot you are, or if there is a reserved capacity that will be lifted and is not full, the better your chances. Check back periodically through out the summer to see if your position has changed.

I set up a swap, and now I want to drop one section of it. Why is it asking me to drop both classes?
Although it takes you to a page that seems like you are dropping both sections, when you select 'Finish Dropping' it only drops the section you have selected.

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