Friday, April 27, 2012

How do you Swap a Class in the new SIS?

If you would like to swap a class, do as follows:

1. Go to the 'Enroll' tab, then click 'Swap'
2. Choose the class that you are currently in that you would like to swap in the first field. 
3. In the second field, choose the one you would prefer to be in if you can successfully enroll. 

The second choice class can come from the class search, your planner, your shopping cart, or you can enter the 5 digit course code and then click ‘Select.’ The image above shows a swap that is set to swap from the shopping cart, so you would click the highlighted select. If you were to use the other options, you would hit the appropriate select.

Please note, you cannot use swap with a class you are currently on the wait list for. If you are spot 1 and a spot opens, if the class will put you over credits, you have a time conflict, or you are already in another section of the course, it will skip over you on the wait list. If you get put on the wait list, and know you would like to set up a swap, drop the class right away, enroll in your placeholder class, and set up the swap as shown above.

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