Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now that the new SIS is Live: Part Two

Search for Classes and Build Your Shopping Cart

See more information about the class search in our earlier post.

Now that you have begun resolving your holds, checked your appointments, and verified your basic information, it is time to begin searching for classes and building your shopping cart!

After you log in to Student Center, you can click the green "Search For Classes" button that appears on your first page.

This will take you to the class search that is integrated with the system, and allows you to start adding classes to your shopping cart.You can search in many different ways, including by the 4-digit code in the "course subject" field, course attribute, professors last name, course title keyword, and more.

 If you would like to browse course subjects, click "select subject" and browse through 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. If you would like a pdf of these numbers, refer to the following link on infocenter:

If you know the course name, or a word in the course name, use "course title keyword" to only return specific classes. Once you have complete this search, click the blue link to view the course description.

Or, add the class to your shopping cart by clicking "Select Class" on the left side.

Once you have desired courses in your shopping cart, you can validate the classes to make sure you meet the requisites. If you are able to enroll in the class, you will receive a green check-mark. If you get a red X, it will also have a message as to why you will not be able to enroll. This could be for many different reasons, ranging from a time conflict in your shopping cart, to the course being restricted to a group you are not a part of.

To validate, check the box of the classes you would wish to validate, then click "validate."

If you are receiving a red X message, but believe you need to be in the class, go see your academic department for assistance.

Remember, if you put 16 or more credits in your cart and validate at least one by Sunday (4/22) night, you will be eligible to win an iPad!

Stay tuned for Now that the new SIS is Live: Part three

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