Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How does the new RIT SIS class search work?

Visit the new class search here:

RIT's new class search launched in February 2012. It's been on the InfoCenter main page since then, but now that registration is nearing students are wondering how the heck it works. I'll tell you up front, the most confusing part? You have to use the numbers, NOT LETTERS, when browsing for courses (even though it defaults to show letters first).

The Genesis team is aware that this is not ideal, and believe me we appreciate the feedback about the system. Changing a system the size of RIT's SIS takes time however, and the project leaders have to prioritize what changes need to be made and will begin making updates as soon as possible.

The positive part of using numbers is that you're already familiar with them! For example, I'm a new media publishing major, I know my courses begin with 2083. If you are looking for possible classes and you know this code, you can just enter it into the field, instead of browsing through all the programs that you could care less about. The letters will take over the numbers as soon as RIT transitions to semesters.

Some other search fields you will now have include (but aren't limited to):
  • Online/in person - drop down in 'Mode of Instruction'
  • Days of the week
  • The time the class meets
  • Professors last name
  • Attributes - which include honors, access services, and activity (wellness) courses among others.

The advantage to all these options is when you have a really specific time and day that you would like to take a class (I.E. MW 2-4), you can limit your search to only find those. If you only want to take a class with your favorite professor, you can do so! At the same time, if you decided maybe you can be more flexible and you want more options in your search, just take away some of the variables and look through a longer list!

If you have any questions about the search, please ask anything you would like in the comments section, we will respond! This tutorial might help some students who are more visual -

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  1. Request:
    a lot of students here probably prefer numbers over words and letters. I hope that when "The letters will take over the numbers as soon as RIT transitions to semesters." numbers will still work in the system.