Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introduction: Laura C. Kelley

Hello world! My name is Laura Kelley, I’m a 4th year new media publishing major that actually graduated after winter quarter, but I didn’t want to leave RIT, so I stuck around for spring quarter! I came on board the Genesis project to help out with social media and student training efforts, strategizing how to best reach the RIT student population. While I’m an avid Twitter (@raradee) and Facebook user, I knew I needed to jump in and learn all about Reddit as well. While I’m no Redditor yet, I bet I’ll be there by the time I’m done with this co-op! 

I’m originally from Broomfield, CO (which is right between Denver and Boulder) and came to RIT as an advertising and public relations major living on photo house. I changed my major to new media publishing during my second year and since then I have completed two other co-ops, one at Canon and one at Post Central. I look forward to helping you all learn the new system and inform you of all the new features!

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