Friday, March 30, 2012

R.I.P. RIT Registration. Long Live Enrollment

Jump by Van Halen screams out the lyrics...."You've got to roll with the punches to get to what's real"

Everything is constantly changing in students lives, and we as students love to complain about it.  Facebook is the best example, there are constant layout changes made, some major some minor, and possibly the biggest one yet is coming to us all today, Timeline. As students we go along with the change and forget the older system within a day, but not before social media is blasted with the change.

Now, RIT students, staff, and faculty are preparing for a year of changes some of which will go unnoticed and others that will make a big impact. Registration is the first of many changes that will impact students but one that is concerning to students.

The RIT GeneSIS project has instituted the new system and has given students a way to communicate their feelings, questions, concerns, and feedback.  The project team wants to know what students like and dislike about the system so that they can make future changes.   

But how do you connect with students and get them the information out about important dates, changes, key information, what should you do....the only answer: SOCIAL MEDIA.

RIT Enrollment GeneSIS project key places for you to find out the information:

Facebook: R.I.P. RIT Registration. Long Live Enrollment
Twitter: @RITEnrollment
Blog: R.I.P. RIT Registration
Reddit: RITEnrollment_Court and RITEnrollment_Laura

Coming soon: YouTube: RITEnrollment with funny videos and short training videos

So RIT students "Might as well jump."

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