Monday, October 8, 2012

Enrollment Dates - Winter Quarter

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Winter 2012-13 Enrollment Dates

Below are the enrollment dates by group. Within each group, students will be parsed by year level, then randomly placed in groups of about 300. To find these specific appointment times students should click on the details link under Enrollment Dates.  You can begin enrolling at any time after your assigned appointment.
Monday, October 22
Graduate students
Early 5th-year students*
Early 4th-year students* in a 4-year program
Tuesday, October 23
5th-year students
4th-year students in a 4-year program
Early 4th-year students* in a 5-year program
Wednesday, October 24
4th-year students in a 5-year program
Early 3rd-year students*

Thursday, October 25
3rd-year students
Early 2nd-year students*

Friday, October 26
2nd-year students
Early 1st-year students*

Monday, October 29
1st-year students

Tuesday, October 30
Non-degree and all other students

* Early enrollment appointments include the following groups: Students in the Honors Program, Cross-registered Students, and Varsity Athletes.

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