Monday, March 25, 2013

How Will My Credits Be Converted?

As students, we have worked hard for our grades and credits from classes and we want to make sure that through the conversion process, our hard earned credits are not lost. As students our plan is to stay on track and graduate on time at our scheduled graduation and that is also your advisors highest concern too. Currently about 70% of RIT students have completed their IAPs, have you?

To help answer the question regarding how your credits will be converted to a semester system, we go to the registrars office which has been working extremely hard for the last few years along with an entire team directly responsible for making the conversion as smooth as possible. This team has created a way in SIS to be able to show students their "conversion term". When students look in Student Center now and request a copy of their unofficial transcripts (do not forget to turn off any pop-up blockers) they will see a conversion term of 2130. This term will display how all credits were converted from quarters to semesters.

If you do need to find a course or what it has become in semesters you can find that in student center as well.  You can also determine when a course is offered throughout the year or upcoming offerings of the course. As a student you have the right to information and the new SIS and the semester system will allow you to have that. You can find out course restrictions, equivalent courses, or prerequisites. The features SIS has that students have wanted to use for the last year will now be active and new features will continue to become available. All of this information is contained on the Browse Course Catalog page in Student Center.

We are all going through the conversion together and want students to stay informed. Please ask any questions that you have and we will do our best to find you the answers.

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