Monday, March 4, 2013

ABC Search

Students have been talking for the past year about the SIS class search. Why doesn't the alpha system work? Why can't I search by course name in the search? Why can't I search by my major? Now we have the answer. We have been waiting for semesters to format the systems to search by category name instead of the four-digit number code. There will be 4 letter alpha codes in semesters instead of the 4 digit numeric codes used for quarter classes.

If you need help finding these codes you have a few options:

  •  Advisors will have a list of these new codes
  • You can check the full list online
  • Go to Student Center. Then click the search link and select the select subject button. From here you can use the academic group drop-down menu and filter course subject codes by college.  Below is a visual guide to these steps. Make note of the differences from the quarter class selection.

Step One: Go to your student center main page and select - Search 

Step Two: On the search for classes page, change the term to Fall 2013-14.  Then hit the Select Subject Button. 

Step Three: All courses will now be able to be found by subject, not the old course codes. 

Step Four: You will notice that the old four digit course codes will not work.

The system is becoming more and more user friendly and we have every intention to continue improving the system for RIT faculty, staff, and students.

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