Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Validation for Fall Enrollment

This spring, the validation of your shopping cart is going to be extremely important for your fall enrollment.  As the enrollment team is preparing for enrollment to start next week, we want students as they finish building their shopping carts to validate all of your classes!

We are hoping that student's will not have any problems when attempting to enroll in these classes; however, we have already received several screen shots from student's that are receiving validation errors.  Now, we want to make your life easier on your enrollment day so we are asking all students to validate ahead of time.  If you are experiencing problems and receiving an error after making sure you meet the requirements for the class we want you to send us screenshots of the validation errors to the ritenrollment@rit.edu email.

The official message from the registrar came on March 27th and can be seen here:

"Many things are changing as a result of our switch to semesters. Get a head start and plan for summer and fall enrollment now.

1.       Your appointments are available: As of today, you have enrollment appointments for both summer and fall; summer enrollment begins the week of April 8th and fall enrollment begins on April 15th. Log in to SIS and check your enrollment appointments to see exactly when you can start enrolling (your summer appointments will display by default).

2.       Validate your shopping cart for pre-requisites and co-requisites: If you’re enrolling for fall classes, you should validate your shopping cart A.S.A.P. For fall enrollment SIS will be used to enforce key enrollment requirements and the validation process in the shopping cart will notify you if you meet the requirements for the classes you have selected.

If a class has a pre-requisite that you have not taken in either quarters or semesters you will receive an error message when you validate your shopping cart. Likewise, if a class has a co-requisite you must have either already taken the co-requisite course or be enrolling in the class simultaneously.

If you believe that you meet the requirements for a course but SIS indicates that you don’t, please take a screenshot of the validation message and email it to ritenrollment@rit.edu. If you know that you don’t meet the requirements for a course and would still like to take it, you must receive permission from the department offering the course.

3.       New subject codes for semesters: Beginning with fall, all subject codes are 4-letter alpha subject codes. These new subject codes replace the 4-digit numeric codes used for quarter classes (for example, in the fall, 0301 is being replaced by EEEE).
4.       How do you know what courses you need to take?
a.       Your Individual Advisement Plan (IAP) is the first place you should turn.
b.      Class Search: When you click the cid:image001.png@01CE2AC9.8DCB3120 button on the class search page, you can nowsort subjects by college using the “Academic Group” dropdown menu.
c.       Browse Course Catalog:  The course catalog displays how a course was converted from quarters to semesters, when it is typically offered, equivalent courses, restrictions, or pre-requisites. You can sort courses by semesters to quarters or vice-versa and, similar to the Class Search page, you can browse by academic group (college).    
There are many resources on campus to assist you as you plan for fall enrollment. Your advisor and the student services offices in your college are great places to start. In addition, please feel free to email ritenrollment@rit.edu with any issues or questions about how to use the SIS."

So, help make sure your enrollment day run smoothly by validating now before your enrollment appointment.  This will help you solve any errors that may occur; as well as, reduce the headache of trying to get in touch with your advisor or the registrars office during the enrollment period.  Help us, help you by sending us your screen shots before enrollment begins.  

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