Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winter Shopping Time

It is official, winter quarter enrollment shopping carts are open, October 1st for all students.  And as an added bonus, students will be able to view their enrollment appointment time for their given enrollment day on October 1st, as well.

A few things to remember when placing classes in your shopping cart:

  1. You can put as many classes as you want into the cart.
  2. Have a first, second, and third back-up plan.
  3. Check the requirements for the class to make sure you meet them.
    • The system may not bump you out from a class now (it will when we convert to semesters); however, the professor may remove you during Week 1 or highly encourage you to drop the class.
  4. The cart places your classes in order of course number.
    • It does not prioritize your classes for you.
      • You may want to keep a written list somewhere of the classes you want to take the most.
  5. In your cart you can place multiple sections of the same course; however, on enrollment day you can only enroll in one section. 
  6. If you are a younger year level classes will appear open until enrollment begins on October 22nd and they may fill-up, especially if it is a popular class among upperclassmen.  
    • Classes placed in the shopping cart will remain their regardless of if the class is closed or not; however, when a student attempts to enroll in a closed class they will receive a RED X on that class.
**Preparing for enrollment is the best thing you can do, it will make your enrollment day quick and easy.**
***And for more information check out our Facebook, Twitter, or website.***

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