Monday, March 11, 2013

How Many Classes Can I Take?

With semesters approaching at Rochester Institute of Technology, there are a lot of little things students will need to learn.  We can start with the number of classes and units students can enroll in per semester.

Current students that will be enrolled at RIT through the transition from quarters to semesters will need to speak with their advisors and complete an IAP. This should be completed before March 15th as shopping carts for Fall 2013-14 are set to open March 26th. Students will be able to add classes to their carts without having their IAP completed; however, they will not be able to enroll on their enrollment appointment.

Here are the basics regarding semester units:

  • The minimum number if units a undergraduate student can take and be considered full-time is 12.
  • The minimum number of units a graduate student can take to be considered full-time is 9.
  • The maximum number of units an undergraduate student can take without special permission is 18.
  • Classes will typically carry a weight of 3 units.
  • The average number of units a student is projected to take per semester is 15 which is the equivalent of 5 classes.
  • Honors students will have the ability to enroll in up to 25 units per semester without special permission.

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